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0Chain is an offshore-based cryptocurrency broker. The cryptos traded with the trademark ZCN. It provides automated cryptocurrency mining and eWallet to its clients. It uses Hyperledger and Ethereum based blockchain platform. Apart from the name of its founder, Saswata Basu and Tom Austin, no other information provided on its official website. Such anonymity raises much concern. In this 0Chain review, we will discuss everything about this broker. Read the full 0Chain review here.

About 0Chain:

We certainly know about the founder of 0Chain but do not know from where this broker operates. The broker claims to provide a decentralized platform to store and protect cryptocurrencies. It also claims to have GDPR/CCPA compliance with higher transparency and zero liability. It also provides its cloud storage facility called 0Box and an eWallet called 0Wallet. Crypto traders can use provided wallet to store crypto and earn higher interest. ZCN has a conversion ratio of $0.123193. It also offers Return On Investment of more than 75%. The total supply of ZCN coins is 20,00,00,000, but only 4,01,17,166 ZCN are in circulation.

Further research found that both of the founders of 0Chain are USA nationals and resides in California. Unfortunately, this information not shared on 0Chain’s official website. The inception of 0Chain is very recent in 2017. The official website also features a road map of 0Chain and mentions an association of several business giants such as Alphabet and more. However, information about how and why they connected to 0Chain is not shared.

The whitepaper of 0Chain sheds light on several technical aspects of the services provided by it but lacks information on any legal registration. It inevitably means 0Chain wants to hide its true nature behind such technological claims that are irrelevant from the trader’s point of view. The aspect of legality and ingenuity is prime in the trading. This broker fails to comply with it. Also, several discussion forums and scam resolving community reported 0Chain as a scam.

Is 0Chain scam or legit?

0Chain is an offshore based, online cryptocurrency blockchain and eWallet provider. From where it operates is not mentioned either on its website or in its white paper. The broker claims to be associated with big business giants but fails to provide any solid pieces of evidence—the 0Chain accused of scam on many forums. Also, no legal registry found anywhere. In our view, 0Chain is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. For the safety and security of trader’s funds, staying away from 0Chain is advised.

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