0Xcert Review


0Xcert is an offshore-based online decentralized API provider that generate non-fungible tokens called cryptocurrency. The symbol ZXC used to denote 0Xcert cryptos – Xcerts and the company is registered in Slovenia. It allows traders to create, own, and validate cryptos on the blockchain framework. 0Xcert is an open-source protocol that supports digital as well as tangible assets. In this 0Xcert review, we will do an in-depth analysis of this cryptocurrency broker. Please read the full 0Xcert review thoroughly.

About 0Xcert:

The 0Xcert was developed to provide secure authentication and management of all sort of assets. Besides, 0Xcert also provides a platform to mine a cryptocurrency called Xcerts. The current conversion ratio of ZXC to US Dollar is 0.001262. It also provides Return On Investment of 17.81%. The broker claims to provide a java-script library to minimize time and resources to mine Xcerts. The total supply of ZXC is 47,49,99,999, and about 34,26,26,334 ZXCs are currently in circulation. The minimum investment required at 0Xcert is 1 Ethereum (ETH). The company was established in 2018 by Jure Zih and others to provide a blockchain agnostic platform to build d-apps. The 0Xcert framework supports both ERC-20 fungible and ERC-721 non – fungible tokens. It also claims to protect valuable assets such as certificates, licenses, contracts, agreements, physical and digital arts, educational credentials, and much more. 0Xcert performs KYC and distributes ZXC tokens. It is an open-source project that claims to be a community-oriented, decentralized working model. 0Xcert has many bonus programs such as Pre-ICO with 40% bonus, Private Presale with 15-20% bonus, Public Presale with 10% bonus, and Crowd Sale with 5% of bonus. 10% of all available ZXC tokens are reserved.

Is 0Xcert scam or legit?

The 0Xcert claims to be a unique platform that manages and mine cryptocurrencies. Very few information is available about this broker. The ROI of 17.81% is not that attractive. The 0Xcert claims to secure tangible assets, but how it is done is not mentioned anywhere. Also, it only works with Etherium, so there is no diversification in the form of investment. Trader’s need a diverse product portfolio to minimize the risk. More than 80% of all the crypto tokens available already mined in a very short time and it raises suspicion. Also, offshore nature is worrisome. The overall picture of 0Xcert tells us that the broker is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. Investing in such a new and unknown broker will lead to fund-loss. It advised staying away from such cryptocurrency brokers.

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