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4New claims to be the world’s 1st eco-friendly, tangible, blockchain framework that is powered by waste management plants. It was established to contribute to sustainable development, reduce global warming and to provide cheap energy. The crypto coin developed by 4New is called KWATT. It also claims to embody 1 kilowatt of electricity in each of the KWATT. In this 4New review, we will do the fact check of this cryptocurrency broker and provide readers with all the necessary information. Please read the full 4New review thoroughly for benefit.

About 4New:

The 4New allegedly claims to rely upon waste to energy conversion platform. 4New gets paid to recycle all industrial and household waste and convert it into by-products such as fertilizers, clean water and to generates electricity. 4New introduced new crypto coins, KWATTs, those are nothing but the Ethereum based ERC20. The KWATT coin has a total supply of 300,000,000. So far they have distributed 75% of tokens. In short, it is a token-based electricity distribution system. The conversion ratio of 1 KWATT is 0.0002884 USD. The 24-hour trading volume is $7,689.15. The white paper published by 4New have many mistakes and reads several illogical stores. It reads that the KWATT does not have intrinsic value and can not redeem against any commodity such as gold or other. Also, the KWATT coin was initially known as FRNCoin. The company claims to generate 346 million kilowatts of electricity every year. This claim is baseless because they do not share any data. To do the fact check we tried to open 4New’s official website. Sadly, it was not opening. So, we do not have further data to share with our readers.

Is 4New scam or legit?

4New operates on a simple yet very complicated model. In theory, all their claims and calculations look great, but in reality, they are not achievable. Many forums have accused 4New of scams, and there are several reviews by 4New or KWATT users about how they got scammed. The official website of 4New is not working, and other social media accounts of the 4New team are blocked. More than 75% of coin tokens distributed in very less time. It gives us a clear indication of a scam. Furthermore, the conversion ratio of KWATT to USD is not attractive. In conclusion, we can claim that 4New is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. Investors will lose their money with 4New. Staying away is advised.

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