About Us

Fund Recovery Checker is a watchdog community that identifies financial scam brokers and recovery scamsters, and guides their victims to the recovery of their funds. Millions of people explore and start investing in foreign exchange or Forex, as it is usually referred to as. And the forex market is thus the biggest market in the world, much larger than the stock market, with a daily volume of 5.1 Trillion USD. Millions of people make a living off of this market, but thousands of people every day are scammed in the same market too.

Forex scams, and cryptocurrency scams are a dime a dozen in 2020. As more and more traders start to explore trading on the internet from the comfort of their homes, there is also a rise of predators and scamsters. From randomly contacting forex brokers to data manipulating trading platforms, there are a huge number of ways to scam new traders. These scamsters and fraudulent companies employ various ways to get in touch with potential victims after stealing or acquiring the customer’s contact details. Often, these scamsters reach you with attractive advertisements on various websites. These could be ads about buying the strongest currency in the market or amazingly low commission prices or the next big cryptocurrency.

Fund Recovery Checker is a community made up of seasoned traders and industry experts. We have been helping victims of forex and crypto scams for years and have been successful in guiding victims of these scams to recovering their funds. During our time of counseling and guiding traders throughout all these years, we have built an expertise in recognizing scams and guiding the victims to a resolution of these scams. A lot of victims of these scams believe their funds are lost for good, and hence do not pursue recovery of said funds. However, it is quite possible to get back your investment, with the right guidance and information. The keyword being “Right guidance”.  Because there’s another scam that starts here.

We are talking about fund recovery scamsters. These are companies that promise to get you your investment back after you’ve been scammed once. They get your personal and financial details in the guise of helping a victim out and end up scamming them a second time. So, if you’ve been a victim of any online trading scam, reach out to us by filling the form below and Fund Recovery Checker’s community will reach out to you and assess your case and guide you in the right direction.