Airbitclub Review

Cryptocurrency scams have been at a rise recently and that’s because of the great returns seen in trading crypto. The scammers lure the clients with the schemes providing awesome and quick returns. One should not trust blindly on the claims made by the broker and should proof check those claims before investing with them.

About Airbitclub:

Airbitclub is a cryptocurrency trading company founded by Renato Rodriquez and Gutemberg dot Santos in 2015. Interestingly, both of these founders have been involved with ViziNova and WCM777 which were labeled by the regulators as Ponzi schemes. The company claims to offer its clients the ability to earn through an ROI with their system and also through MLM structure where when one client refers new members and they invest in the company they will reward you with a commission. The Airbitclub seems to not follow any guidelines that are put in place to protect people from scams. Airbitclub seems to be involved in a scam as the scheme on which it works would be called as a Ponzi scheme. The claims made by the company have also been found false and people who referred the company to others claimed of not getting any bonus. Read the full Airbitclub review here.

More facts about the Airbitclub:

After doing some research to find out more about Airbitclub, it has been found that the company ran into some trouble with the SEC in the Philippines over its poor business model. On there are negative reviews about the company, one of those reviews reads, “Airbitclub is a Ponzi scheme. The reviewer has also warned to not buy bitcoins on their platform. He has invested $700 with the company which was to reward him with triple the amount according to them. But they let him withdraw neither the deposit nor the gains. On, a reviewer has said, “he has joined the Aitbitclub 5 months ago and he has been facing problems on the withdrawals. on withdrawing 100 bucks they charge 8 bucks and put in their page a higher BTC price because they pay you in dollars, they make the price higher so you receive less money”.

Is Airbitclub a scam or legit broker?

According to the details and reviews found about Airbitclub, it seems that the brokerage company works on Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme is not a legal scheme for making money and is used by the scammers to hit on the pocket of its clients.

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