Alphacoin Review

Cryptocurrencies are the digital money that is used in the trading to earn good returns. Recently, crypto has seen an increasing market which along with popularity also attracted the scammers to it. Due to the number of crypto brokers available in the market that too with numerous offers it becomes difficult to filter out the scammers. Therefore, proper research and findings are necessary before investing with the broker.

About Alphacoin:

Alphacoin is a cryptocurrency broker that offers trading in cryptocurrency. The broker claims to have designed its software in accordance with the requirements and preferences of the different categories of investors. The total term of deposit on which the broker provides a 5% return on the deposit is 30 days, this is the most prominent offer claimed to be provided by the broker. Read the full Alphacoin review here. The brokerage company Alphacoin is headquartered in London, UK. However, the owner’s information provided on the broker’s site is fake and the pictures were taken from the other site. This has created suspicion about the broker as transparency is the essence of any business. Providing false information especially by the company dealing in the money is a complete red flag.

More facts about Alphacoin:

Alphacoin has been suspected to work on the Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme is illegal in all the parts of the earth and is the one in which the company pays its members interest from the investment made by the new member. Ponzi scheme is a method to cheat people and the usage of it in Bitcoins is the evolution of scam. The company is based in the UK but is not authorized from the FCA to provide its services. This led to the chances of the company working illegally. has warned people against Alphacoin as it is not safe to invest and could be a scam. On company has hidden the negative reviews made by the people. The broker’s intentions don’t seem clean.

Is Alphacoin a scam or legit broker?

Alphacoin deals in cryptocurrency and is based in the UK but is not registered with FCA or any governing body. The broker has also been suspected to work on the Ponzi scheme with is completely illegal in every part of the world. Moreover, the reviews about the company on the internet is also not good enough. Therefore, we will recommend going through this review and details of the broker before investing with them.

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