Arabinvest Review

Cryptocurrency has been an attractive investment market for the traders due to its good returns. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that is traded through online trading platforms and thereby earning returns. Its popularity among traders has attracted scammers as they see the opportunity of getting hands on the trader’s money through luring them to invest with them.

About Arabinvest:

Arabinvest is an investment company that is claimed to be a Pan-Arab joint-stock company. The company claimed to be established back in 1974 and is owned by governments of 17 Arab states with an authorized capital of $1200 million. But there is no proof of all these claims and especially the claim of it being owned by 17 Arab states. The company is potentially a scam as these big claims have no proof on the internet. Along with this they also make various other claims that seem nothing but stories. The company is demanding a minimum of $35 as an initial deposit which is suspicious because legit crypto trading companies never ask for less than $1000 and those with Ponzi schemes ask for only $10. Read the full Arabinvest review here.

More facts about the Arabinvest:

The website of Arabinvest seems shady and doesn’t look professional. No legit companies have such poorly presented websites. Another suspicious thing about Arabinvest is that they only accept payments in Bitcoin. The thing with Bitcoin is that once you send it to a company you cannot reverse it and you just lost your money. On searching through the internet, it has been seen that there are various negative reviews about Arabinvest. On, one of the reviews read, “the reviewer has paid a $100 BTC with a promise of getting a good bonus, which he did get, but after 5 months when he tried to withdraw that money his account was blocked. The customer service personals are complete liars, according to him. They want him to send more money in order to withdraw. They are a scam”. On, one such review reads, “Do not invest with Arabinvest, they are fake. He initially deposited $500 and promised of getting $1500 in a month. When he tried withdrawing his account was blocked and they didn’t respond to him emails either”.

Is Arabinvest a scam or legit broker?

Arabinvest has been suspected as a scam broker and the reviews have supported this suspicion. The claims of the company are all probably fake and hence we would not recommend risking your money.

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