Arbitraging Review

Arbitraging is a cryptocurrency trading broker that facilitates trading in cryptocurrencies for its clients. There are various cryptocurrency brokers available in the market and this makes the scammers to pretend one of them and get away with the trader’s money. Therefore, one should consider knowing about the company in detail before investing with them as there are points that differ a scam company from a legit company. Read the full Arbitraging review here.

About Arbitraging:

Arbitraging is a Cryptocurrency broker that has created aBot, mBot, and even launched an internal exchange. The coin that the company has created is named as ARB. The company claims that their bots are customized from an opensource platform known as Blackbird, which seems suspicious. The company also claims of reaching 80% quarterly ROIs. Although, no company could guarantee returns and Arbitraging doesn’t provide any evidence to show that they indeed are reaching these percentages on a quarterly basis. The sales page on its website is showing only a few “last trades” which were allegedly made by aBot. The credibility of the company is weak as there is no proof given to support its claims.

More facts about the Arbitraging:

Arbitraging seems a suspicious brokerage company because the investors who want to use mBot will have their investment treated to a locking period where they can’t withdraw their funds until the investment is mature. This increased its chances of being a Ponzi scheme. Moreover, the internet is seen with many negative reviews on this company. On there are a number of reviews of the company being a scam. one of the reviews on Trustpilot reads, “The reviewer has been blocked out of his account for 4 months and when he tried approaching the support team, they said that the problem is not from their side but from his. He lost his $1300 to the company and called it a scam”.

Is Arbitraging a scam or legit broker?

Arbitraging seems suspicious and there are various indicators for it. The broker has only bragged about how better it is and haven’t provided a single proof to back their statements. The condition put by the broker for mBot users of the locking period seems a Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, most of the reviews about the broker are negative. Therefore, we would recommend going through this review before making an investment with this broker as that could put your hard-earned money at great risk.

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