Assets Reclaim Review

Recovery firms are the firms that are specialized in recovering the lost money of the victim of online fraud through a legal process. These firms file chargebacks against fraudulent brokers and fight for their client to get the money back. This shows that the firms are really into helping the victims but the fact is that not all of these firms are there to help. Some of the firms are there to double scam the victim. Therefore, going through the details and facts about the firm before trusting it is recommended.

About  Assetreclaim: is an online recovery firm that provides services of recovery of wealth/resources lost via internet scams and fraud. Read the full Assetreclaim review here. The firm has its office in New York, USA. The also claims to provide debt collection services. However, one unusual thing seen about the firm is that it has mentioned the name of another firm ‘DCC’ in its ‘About us’ section and that seems suspicious. The firm on its home page claims to have 25 years of experience whereas it has not even completed one year of service. The firm also claims to be registered with the ministry of justice Israel but is headquartered in New York. Although there is no proof of this claim as the firm has not mentioned any details about its registration.

More facts about Assetreclaim: seems a suspicious firm because of its false and alleged claims. The firm has blank pages for its ‘Terms and condition’ and ‘privacy policy’. On the grounds of the suspicion, we searched more about the firm and found that has an extremely low trust score for the firm and suspected it to be a scam. The negatives that Scamadviser has highlighted about the firm are:

  1. The identity of the owner of the website is hidden.
  2. No reviews have been found on WOT (WebOfTrust).
  3. Scamadviser identified a PO Box as an address, allowing the company to remain anonymous.
  4. It has been 207 days since the website was set-up.
  5. The registration of the website is valid for 366 more days.
  6. This website’s setup relates to 3 countries
  7. Credit card prevention activities are noticed.
  8. Sport betting information was found on the site.
  9. The references on social media were negative.

Whois record of Assetreclaim:

According to, the record says that is Created on 2019-11-23 Expires on 2020-11-23 Updated on 0000-12-31

Is Assetreclaim a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details and findings, the firm is suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities. The claims and reviews about the company indicates a pretty high level of suspicion. So, we would suggest considering the thought of handling your case for this firm.

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