Assets Trail Review

Assets recovery firms have come up recently as the online scams are increasing in numbers. These recovery firms legally fight on behalf of the victims of scams done by online fraud brokers. Generally, these firms cover all the types of online scams but some have no intention to help the victim but to scam them again. is one of the online recovery firms and in this review we will be getting on the details about this company.

About the Assetstrail: is a Norway based firm that provides fund recovery services. The firm claims to provide recovery for online trading scams. There were no contact details provided by the firm. The firm is hiding its identity and mentioned a very unprofessional reason for it in its ‘About Us’ section. The firm has not even mentioned the name of its founder and it is hiding all this because binary options companies are targeting the firm. Is this a way of scamming the clients? Why one would trust a firm with no identity? The firm in its contact details provided just the location of its office, that’s too is vague. There is no contact number either, yet it claims years of experience.

More facts about the Assetstrail: claims to be established in 2006, whereas according to the whois record the firm is created in 2019. When the internet is searched for, it was found that it has got bad reviews on Trustpilot. One of the reviewers said that the firm is a scam and they use skype agents called cyber X and will collect all the details regarding your trading account. Then they will finally ask you to make an account on and add some money in it. This way they get your wallet address and login details and then scam you. Other reviews have also mentioned the same thing of creating an account on blockchain and then they lose all of their money. Whois record of Assetstrail: According to, the record says that is Created on 2019-10-04 Expires on 2020-10-04 Updated on 2019-10-09

Is Assetstrail a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details, we can conclude that the firm has made false claims and has completely hidden identity, that’s why it is suspected as a scam. Moreover, the reviews have also indicated the suspicion of the firm. Hence, dealing with this firm may not turn out fruitful.

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