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The UK based broker Capital Way has four investment plans that assure a high return on investments. It further claims to generate a humongous return on investment with the help of an innovative algorithm software. There are two types of trading accounts are present and it also offers four unique investment plans. It also facilitates an affiliate programme with higher commission levels. The broker Capital Way is operational from London, UK. The official website claims 5-star ratings of it on many trading forums and user feedback. Everything looks great about Capital Way? No, the broker is an unregulated firm and has received a red flag by Financial Conduct Authority. This unbiased and informative Capital Way review will shed light on the true characteristics of this broker. Read the full Capital Way review here.

About Capital Way:

Trail and four investment plans are offered by Capital Way. However, the Trail investment plan is not free. It requires a minimum funding of EUR 300. The other four investment plans are Basic, Standard, Deluxe, and Premium with a minimum funding of EUR 3000, 25000, 150000, and 400000 respectively. All of these investment plans claim to offer 50% of higher return within a year. All of them are managed plans it means broker acts as a market maker. Market makers are those broker who trades instead of their clients. But the catch here is that they get benefited from winning or losing trade. It means anyhow traders have to pay Capital Way its commission irrespective of profit or loss. Broker Capital Way also claims to provide an affiliate programme. That promises a huge commission on each recruit. 

The broker Capital Way’s official website only says London, UK. It does not provide any official address. Also, a customer care number is missing. Taking account of the broker’s claim we went to the registry of Financial Conduct Authority of the UK to check Capital Way’s name in it. Unfortunately, we were unable to find its name. Nevertheless, we found out that the broker Capital Way is blacklisted by FCA as a potential scam broker. The broker provides trading on MetaTrader but we can not confirm it.

Is Capital Way scam or legit?

The broker is unregulated and blacklisted by FCA. The initial investment is high and feedbacks of users are fake. There is no information about its innovative algorithm software. All this leads us to believe that the broker is a potential scam broker 2020.

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