Bankera Review

Cryptocurrency trading is an act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements through a CFD trading account, or buying and selling underlying coins through an exchange platform. There are various brokers and exchange platforms for facilitating cryptocurrency trading. But before entering in investment with any broker it is necessary to know how legit is the broker.

About Bankera:

Bankera is a cryptocurrency exchange which was founded in 2017. Bankera is the second project from the Lithuanian team which was behind Spectrocoin, a European oriented cryptocurrency broker. The broker also claimed to be building a digital bank for blockchain offering three core lines of service. Read the full Bankera review here. Bankera is an operational fork of spectrocoin, a web-based bitcoin wallet, and an exchange provider. The broker has not been providing any utility or financial benefit to its owners after its token price was dropped and a whopping 90% discount on its ICO price. The broker is suspected as a scam because it has sold worthless tokens profited massively and all participants in the ICO lost a large amount of money.

More facts about the Bankera:

It has been found on that the Bankera has taken investor’s money and created a practically worthless exchange. The company Spectrocoin was in the news for scamming so many traders and then it was shut down. The founder of Bankera are the same as of Spectrocoin and this has decreased the credibility of Bankera. On doing some research about the Bankera, we found that people on are talking about how Bankera founders have scammed people through Spectrocoin and after accusing for the same scam activities in Bankera the founders refused to give any explanations. On, majority of reviews are negative for Bankera and one such review reads, “the broker is using typical ICO style to scam people. When it comes to paying the onboarding fees, it turns out that their offering is complete fake. They will never return the investment or profit that you have made”.

Is Bankera a scam or legit broker?

Bankera seems to be a suspicious broker. The details found about the broker indicates that the broker has been into fishy business. Furthermore, owning a scam company, then shutting it down and then opening a same brokerage company with a different name is not a sign of a legit company. Therefore, we would suggest you to consider the decision of investing with this firm again.

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