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Overview :

Nowadays, when almost everything is possible with the touch of your finger on the screen, Robberies and scams are also taking place online. What we can do is remain alert and do our work carefully. Be it investing in cryptocurrency or trading online for stocks, we need to be very aware of the money that we invest and the company we invest with.  While many companies will try their best to cheat you by showing a very clean and fake profile and also will try their best to convince you into depositing as much money as possible. There is only one way to stay ahead of these scam brokers and that is – Do your research and that’s where we come to help you. We post reviews about these scam brokers regularly so that you can always stay a step ahead of the fraud brokers. 

Today we are going to review yet another scam broker that goes by the name Baron VC. Baron VC has been called out by FMA, the Austrian regulatory authority for being unregulated and robbing its customers of their money. Baron VC claims to be a professional forex brokerage and promises its customers a happy financial future. Despite falling under the jurisdiction of Ireland, Baron VC is banned from trading in Ireland which proves to be a major red flag regarding the company’s credibility. Read the full Baron VC review here.

About Baron VC :

Although the site claims that it is owned by Atlantis Technology Group Ltd., the contact us section states a different name altogether. On further research, we have found that Atlantis Technology Group is a company registered in the Marshall Islands. This is yet another common trait of the scam brokers as the Marshall Islands; an offshore zone does not regulate forex businesses. Another big red flag occurs when you read the policies on their website. Baron VC offers great bonus offers but as soon as the process of withdrawal comes forth, they have many policies that basically restrict you from withdrawing the bonuses. Providing a bonus is yet another red flag as bonuses are banned in many trading countries.

Baron VC also charges a pretty big amount on withdrawal of money. The withdrawal fee for bank wires is 3.5% whereas withdrawal through cards charges an amount of $20. An additional amount of $20 is charged for withdrawal of amounts less than $100. Baron VC only provides two payment methods for transferring money and that is through bank wire and credit cards. Baron VC trades in forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies and charges leverage of 1:100. One of the most common workings of these scam brokers is that they will start calling people on the pretext of being a well-established trading company. They will also provide you with a license number of a regulated authority in order to convince you to invest money with their company. Everything will be fine till you keep investing money. Once you file for a withdrawal, that’s when they will tell you random lies and then vanish without a trace.

Is Baron VC a scam or legit?

Baron VC is an unregulated authority and is a complete scam. One should always do proper research before investing in trade. We recommend you not to indulge in any trade with this fraud broker.


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  1. Denies kathleena

    I have traded with this several brokers, i eventually gave up when 24option stole my investment funds and I can tell you categorically that I was/am unimpressed by their performance. Having lost almost $93,000 to them I decided to withdraw the remaining balance to meet a pressing need but they have found it difficult to release my money. I paid through Liberty reserve and they got my money instantly but when I wanted to have my balance back they said it will take 5-7 days and it’s exactly a week today yet I have not been paid. The so-called account manager lied to me that he has processed my money and that it’s on its way to my account but it is now 3 days after without any money. I have sent emails to him and he has refused to reply to me and this is somebody that has been disturbing me with calls and emails to make a deposit and trade and now it’s their turn to release my money they have not responded. When you check through their website you could notice they don’t have details about the withdrawal of funds as expected.

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