Beldex Review


Beldex is an offshore cryptocurrency brokerage provider. According to its official website, the broker situated in Estonia. The cryptocurrency developed by this broker is called Beldex Coins (BDX). The Beldex launched with many ridiculous claims.  One of them is “the Beldex Coins will grow above 10,000 % by the end of the year 2020.” In this crypto-broker review, we will discuss all the claims and reality of Beldex. We advise following this review thoroughly.

About Beldex:

The brokerage and mining system at Beldex works on both hybrid and centralized exchange process. It developed to resolve many problems faced in the cryptocurrency world such as privacy, liquidity, and usability. Beldex also claims to be the first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange provider. This claim falls flat as there are several other hybrid cryptocurrency exchange providers that are already available in the markets. The broker uses the CryptoNight hash algorithm based on the CryptoNote protocol to mine the crypto coins. It also claimed that the exchange is privacy-focused. It means that no one will be able to know, apart from the miner or user itself, the value of crypto coins mined by the miners and how much crypto coins available in the user’s wallets. Furthermore,  mentioned in the introduction, the broker evaluates the growth of Beldex Coins at 10,281 % by the end of the year 2020. The claim is exaggerated and ridiculous. We also don’t have any clue how Beldex calculated this high valuation. The maximum supply of Beldex Coins in the ecosystem is 1500000000 or 1.5 billion. The current exchange rate of Beldex Coin is $0.055468, and the 24-hour trading volume is $ 70,538. The owner of the Beldex is unknown. The broker also claims to follow Shariah law compliance. Means Muslim traders can avail their services without hesitation. The wallet services provided by Beldex is decentralized Magnum. Magnum supports all other crypto coins in exchange for BDX. The Beldex offers its trading and mining application on all available operating systems.

Is Beldex scam or legit?

The crypto coin broker Beldex is situated offshore, and the owner of it is anonymous. The claims of the Beldex are exaggerated and seems false. The number of total mined Beldex Coins is unavailable. So, nobody knows how many coins remain to mine. The assessed valuation of Beldex Coins at above 10,000% by the end of 2020 raises several questions. In short, there is very little information available about this broker. It will be harmful to invest in an anonymous broker.    

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