Bitcoin Prime Review


Today we are going to review yet another broker who has earned a lot of name in the scam category in the market. Bitcoin Prime claims to be trading software that works with cryptocurrencies. The app states that it does not need the traders to spend time and do their investments and trading themselves. The app proudly claims that its high tech trading software will automatically conduct the trading and investment themselves after observing the market and the trading signals that the app generates itself. Bitcoin also explains on their website that they earn their user an amount as high as 1500 dollars every day. The company also states that they have a success rate of up to 96 percent. Read the full Bitcoin Prime review here.

About Bitcoin Prime:

The parent of the company, Steve McKay, claims to have worked with major multinational banks. He states in his introduction that the main intention behind curating this software is to help ordinary people to trade like experienced traders and help them in being able to earn profits by investing and trading in the right places. He also claims to have used the algorithms that are considered as a top-secret by these big multinational banks. Now, the one major thing that may come to the mind of our readers is how do they get an account in this supposedly brilliant trading software. The answer to this is nothing! The app is free and they have no charges. This is the first red flag that appears with this broker because being a company that ensures a 95 percent success rate and a huge amount of profit, getting the app for free does sound a little tricky. What the readers must be aware of is that the investment sector is highly regulated. Countries all around the world have the regulatory authorities that attest to the broker companies and provide them with a license that is necessary to work in the legal trading market. One must always invest their money with the regulated brokers who are attested by the regulatory authority of their respective country. Before getting into the investment sector, one should always make sure that they do proper research on the company they are planning to invest their money in. They should cross-check their license and check their authenticity by researching on the site of the regulatory authority of your country. In this case, Bitcoin Prime is not a regulated trading broker and does not hold a license. The app is completely anonymous and has no trace of any authorization anywhere. It is clear from this that the app is illegal in almost all of the countries in the world. The details of the company’s employees or the head are also not available thus taking us a step forward to the fact that Bitcoin Prime is illegal and unregulated. The truth about Bitcoin Prime is that it is a complete scam and has disguised itself under various other names such as Bitcoin Digital, Bitcoin Sunrise, crypto superstar, etc. What is even more astounding is that the people behind this do not even work a little hard to make a different website interface or even change the reviews. They have been copying the same website interface and reviews for all these broker companies. To cover all the real and negative reviews, they have posted several good reviews that are fake and copied.

Is Bitcoin Prime a scam or legit?

Bitcoin prime is a complete scam broker. We recommend our readers not to invest their money with this fraud broker Bitcoin Prime scam. One must always check and research carefully before investing

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