Bitdepositary Review

The cryptocurrency industry has a well-known market but has a reliability problem due to the scammers present in the market. According to the Statis Group Advisory report over 80% of ICOs conducted in 2017 were scams. Therefore, it has become crucial to do in-depth scrutiny of the brokerage company or ICO project before doing an investment. Read the full Bitdepositary review here.

About Bitdepositary:

Bitdepositary was founded back in 2018. Bitdepositary claims to be the world’s first to offer ultra-secure Q-ratio marketplace built on blockchain and salesforce technologies. Bitdepositary acts as a facilitator between the investors and the ICO project team. Bitdepositary provides a digital wallet to its clients allowing them to trade cryptocurrencies or exchange of fiat currencies. It has first started with major crypto assets like Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Zcash. The broker has started making exponential profits after it has launched its own token currency BDT. This token currency could only be used with this broker and nowhere else. One could buy these BDT using Bitcoin cash, Lite, Dash, Etherium, and Paypal.

More facts about Bitdepositary:

Bitdepositary has provided very less information about it and this is how it lacks transparency. One interesting thing about the company is despite being two years old it has no feedbacks on other sites. For starting websites this may be understandable but for such a mature online firm having no feedbacks or reviews is unusual. After doing a little in-depth research about the brokerage company it was found that the information provided by the broker about its team members and experts is also unverified. has given Bitdepositary a low rating. The broker seems suspicious as the claims made by the broker have no validations. There is no news available on the internet for the broker’s claim of being the world’s first company to offer ultra-secure trading of cryptocurrencies.

Is Bitdepositary a scam or legit broker?

Bitdepositary is an unregulated brokerage company that has provided little to no information about it. Another red flag for this broker is the fact that it has no feedback or review on the internet. The broker is not new in the market and according to its claims it has a good customer base, but no customer has been found talking about the broker. The Bitdepositary is suspected to be a scam. Hence, it would be recommended to go through these reviews and consider the points that have negatively affected the legitimacy of the company.

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