Bolt Recovery Review is a fund recovery firm providing its services from an online platform. Due to the increasing scams in online trading the popularity of recovery firms among the people who have been scammed seen a rise. But this rise has also attracted fraudsters towards this recovery market. So, now one has to be safe from both of these areas, and the best way to do this is by getting into the details about the firm you want to engage with.

About the Boltrecovery: is a US based recovery firm that has its office in Washington. The firm offers a full range of asset recovery services. The firm claimed to be an American organisation that provides its services worldwide and has a customer base all through North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. However, the firm is not a law firm and doesn’t hold any license for providing its services. Various questions in its FAQ section require factual answers but the firm has just spoken about its missions and visions in its answers to the questions. The firm seems suspicious and lacks important information.

More facts about the Boltrecovery:

Boltrecovery has claimed that it has 8 years of experience whereas according to whois records the firm is only 295 days old. This kind of false claims hit the credibility and authenticity of the firm negatively. On searching the internet about the firm, no reviews were found and the website is still ‘unclaimed on Trustpilot. However, Scamadviser has reviewed the website with some negative points which are mentioned below.

  1. The contact email address used by the firm is free.
  2. The technical contact email address used is also free.
  3. Even the contact email used for administrator is free.
  4. The website speed is low and it lags as well.
  5. There are no reviews for this site on Web of Trust.
  6. Scamadviser did not find an SSL certificate.
  7. 3 countries are involved in the set up.

Whois record of Boltrecovery: According to the, the record says that is Created on 2019-08-25 Expires on 2020-08-25 Updated on 2019-10-24

Is Boltrecovery a scam or legit firm? seems a suspicious firm as there are more negative points than positive ones. The false claim by the firm makes it lack reliability and trust. Therefore, we would suggest considering the details mentioned above before risking your funds.

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