Capital Expanse Review

Capital Expanse is one of the cryptocurrency brokers. There has been a rise in the number of scam companies in the Cryptocurrency market lately. Obviously, not every other company is a scam but there are some among the legit ones. So, it is always advisable to go through the background and details check before investing. In this article, we will be reviewing Capital Expanse to know how legit is it. Read the full Capital Expanse review here.

About the Capital Expanse: is registered on 22nd September 2017. There is no information available on the website about the owns the company. If a company deals in any form of money and hides its identity then it’s a sign of suspicion. Capital Expanse doesn’t offer any retail products, but one can affiliate with them and promote their membership. They claimed to have lending, mining, stake, and trading facilities. The broker provides referral commissions and provides membership on the basis of referrals itself, which is a sign of the Ponzi scheme. The broker also claims that they generate a return on investment through a trading script, but there is no proof of this script on their website.

More facts about Capital Expanse:

Capital Expanse is a completely hidden brokerage company that doesn’t even provide any proof of trading or how they generate ROI. Capital Expanse has its own coins named CapX which are useless outside the company. The only way by which the broker is earning is the newly invested funds through referrals. The use of newly invested funds for paying existing clients a daily ROI makes Capital Expanse a Ponzi scheme. has also highlighted the following negatives of the broker and warned the people.

  1. The website’s owner is hiding his identity using a paid service.
  2. The speed performance of the website is low.
  3. There were no reviews found on Web Of Trust (WOT).
  4. The address is anonymous, a PO Box is used.
  5. 3 countries are involved in the set-up.

Is Capital Expanse a scam or legit broker?

According to the details and the findings, the broker is suspected to be a scam. The scheme through which the broker earns revenue is a Ponzi scheme which is not a sign of a legit company and is not legal anywhere on this earth. Therefore, we would advise traders to go through this review and details before handing over your money to this suspicious broker.

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