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In cryptocurrency trading, cryptocurrency robot sites are springing up lately. Usually, these cryptocurrency brokers which work like robot sites promise high returns but have badly tailored schemes. CashlessPay Group is one of these sites. The broker offers its clients to invest in “the first government-approved cryptocurrency”, called Singapore’s coin. In this review of CashlessPay Group, we would get into the details and figure out the legitimacy of the broker. Read the full Cashless Pay Group review here.

About CashlessPay Group:

CashlessPay Group has not provided any information regarding the owner and the people behind the company. This lack of transparency has created suspicion about the company. Moreover, the broker also claims that one will get $6324 for every single dollar they deposit in just a couple of months. It also claims that each of its clients will be able to withdraw directly to their bank accounts within some minutes. CashlessPay Group also features some testimonials of positive experience along with the logos of many media outlets claiming of being associated with. However, the broker just wanted to present itself as a legit one, while the fact is it has nothing to do with these media companies. None of these media companies have ever put an article about this broker. Another big false claim made by the broker is that it trades in Singapore government-approved cryptocurrency named Singapore’s coin. There is no such Singapore’s coin, there is no information regarding the existence of such cryptocurrency that too government approved on CoinMarketCap. The alarming thing is that CashlessPay Group has been included in the alert list of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The fact that the broker is in the alert list of the highest financial institution of Singapore is only a confirmation that this is a scam broker.

Is CashlessPay Group a scam or legit broker?

CashlessPay Group is an unlicensed cryptocurrency broker. There is no information provided by the broker regarding its registered address, country of origin, or the owner of the company. Total anonymity of this website and the fact that people behind this website are not bound by any government regulator. Furthermore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has blacklisted this broker makes the suspicion of it being a scam more certain. There is not a single sign of a legit company present in CashlessPay Group. Therefore, we would suggest not invest with this scam broker as you could lose your hard-earned money in seconds.

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