Ccecoin Review

The popularity of cryptocurrency is not new to anyone but today, there are dozens or hundreds of different developments around the world in the light of further growth and development of cryptocurrency industry. However, despite of all this hype there are still very few really decent and legitimate platforms. This review of Ccecoin is for solving the confusions around the company’s status. Read the full Ccecoin review here.

About Ccecoin:

Ccecoin is a platform for the trading of cryptocurrency. Ccecoin uses blockchain technology for the trading system. The main focus of the broker is on the market of Southeast Asia but the company is registered in Hong Kong, this way the intentions of the company seems suspicious. Ccecoin claims to offer best and simplest technology for the ease of trading in cryptocurrency, whereas it doesn’t have any popularity worldwide. The broker has aimed at the Southeast Asian region for its business and network, which is unusual. A legit company has its reach to a vast market and not to a confined market. Team of the company comprises of different people from all over the globe. It doesn’t have its team members all from a single country but from every part of the world. Apart of this versatile team, the broker’s aimed on a single region for its business this increases the chances of it being a scam. The set-up of the website involves two countries and one of which is a high risk. The company apart of being related to two countries mentioned only one country. There is a great risk involved in investment with this broker as there is no indicators of legitimacy found in this brokerage company. Another false claim made by the broker is of being listed on Ecoin Bank, as there are no evidence of this claim and no such name was found on Ecoin Bank website.

Is Ccecoin a scam or legit broker?

According to the details and information Ccecoin seems to be a scam broker. The fact that the broker is not licensed from any regulatory is a big red flag for investing with it. Furthermore, being registered in Hong Kong and providing services majorly in Southeast Asia is unusual and the intentions here seem to be not good. The company has provided names of its team members but none of them are verified. Hence, we would recommend to not invest with this broker as there is no legit thing has been found with it.

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