Centra Review

Centra is a Miami based company with several other branches in other states of America. It is a cryptocurrency wallet and credit card, provider. It bridges crypto coins to master or visa cards that can be used anywhere.  The Centra crypto coin is abbreviated as CTR and operates on the Ethereum platform. In this crypto broker review, we will discuss all aspects of the Centra. Readers are advised to read it completely.

About Centra:

Centra is nothing but the platform that connects cryptocurrency wallets directly to debit cards and can be used wherever it is accepted. According to Centra, it has raised 5 million dollars before IOC. It also claims to have joint ventures with Master cards,  Visa cards, and many top banks across 100 plus countries worldwide. The total supply of CTR provided by Centra is 98, 272, 764.5 coins, and currently above 68, 000, 000 coins are in circulation. The exchange rate of CTR with USD is around $0.016479. Being all of the above said, the Centra is very controversial. The brand ambassadors of Centra Cards are Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled are some of them. They willingly advertised Centra Cards and Wallets on several social media platforms with their pictures holding the Centra Cards. They also sent messages across social media like “Call me Floyd ‘Crypto’ Mayweather Now”, and “This is the Game Changer” by DJ Khaled. All of these adverts were formulated to attach gullible investors in a given time frame. After all the above marketing strategies by Centra, the US Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) step up to do investigations.  SEC took note of fraudulent activities formulated by Centra, and they found and executed various individuals and channels. A criminal case was filed against all the stakeholders in the Centra. All of their offices are frozen, and the executives in those branches are being questioned.

Is Centra scam or legit?

The offerings of crypto coins by Centra can be categorized as proverbial. It means only the mouth to mouth marketing to generate revenue. The clients of the Centra were attracted by celebrities. In reality, there is very little information about Centra. The way Centra is performing its operations is very fishy and no concrete explanations are provided. The withdrawal or denial of their partners from JV such as Visa and Mastercards  shows very much about the Centra. Even, Centra’s brand ambassador was called for investigations. The above discussion let us believe that the Centra is not known to may traders and involved in a potential scam. It is advised not to participate in such potential scams.

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