Chargeback Base Review

Investors are already aware of the different scams in the online trading brokerage market. In recent years, fund recovery companies have started to appear, promising help, and money recovery for every scammed user. While many of those companies are doing an amazing job to help the clients who got scammed, some have embraced this system for pulling cash out of the victims. So, it is always better to know about the firm in detail you before getting involved with them.

About Chargebackbase: is a recovery firm that claims to offer the modern approach of recovering funds from fraudsters. The firm has its office in Florida, USA but doesn’t seem to have any license for providing its services. The firm has criticized the traditional approach of recovering funds and calls its approach way better than other traditional recovery agencies. This is not what a professional firm will ever do to portray its services. The firm has not clearly mentioned the recovery areas that it covers but seems to provide recovery services to every online fraud. The site also doesn’t seem professional and has got a lot of errors. Read the full Charge Back Base review here.

More facts about Chargebackbase: seems suspicious as the website of the firm is not up to the mark. On searching for the firm, has given a low trust score of 6% to the firm. It has also suspected the firm to be a scam and highlighted the following negative.

  1. The contact email address used is free
  2. The technical contact email address used is free
  3. The contact email for the administrator is free
  4. They were unable to find reviews for this website on WebOfTrust (WOT).
  5. The website has been set-up 140 days ago.
  6. The website has been claimed for 366 days.
  7. The website is young (less than six months).
  8. High-risk countries are related to the set-up of this website.
  9. 3 countries are involved in the set-up.
  10. This site is actively preventing credit card chargebacks.

Whois record of Chargebackbase:

According to the, the record says that is Created on 2020-01-29 Expires on 2021-01-29 Updated on 2020-03-29

Is Chargebackbase a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details, the firm seems to hide its information from the public. The firm is also pretty new in the market and lacks credibility. So, we would suggest you go through this review above before engaging with this firm.

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