Cloud Token Review

Cloud Token is one of the recent providers of digital assets, i.e. cryptocurrencies and wallets. It claims to provide decentralized cryptocurrency wallets and crypto coins. The Cloud Token also claims to be operated and managed by Jarvis AI Bot. The suspicion here raises because the name of the AI Bot is directly picked up from the century’s most popular movie: Avengers. In this crypto scam review, we will uncover all the truth of Cloud Token. We can surely say that “Readers Assemble” to know all about it.

About Cloud Token:

The crypto coins provided by Cloud Token referred to CTO. The current exchange rate of CTO to USD is 0.30$. The real owner of this brokerage provider is unknown. But some promotional videos feature Chinese speaking men and giving credit to Sheng Zhao and Simon Tran for their extraordinary achievement of developing Cloud Token. There is also a prominent name associated with Cloud Token, Daniel Csokas, a graduate from Oxford University. Sadly, there is no record of Daniel Csokas in the pass out list of Oxford. The Cloud Token runs a referral or MLM crypto scheme that offers an average ROI of 10-15% per month with an investment of $500.  The commission is credited only when the recruit or added affiliate dose the same. There are as many as 21 affiliate levels from that an individual can earn their commission. The commission given varies from 5% to 100% depending upon the hierarchy level of the MLM pyramid.

Is Cloud Token scam or legit?

It can be concluded that the Cloud Token is a potential scam. The mobile application based Ponzi scheme attracts investors using referral or MLM program. The Could Token is associated with worthless CTO’s and their value is nothing. Also, no exchange agrees to convert or transact them. The ROI provided by this broker is generated by the affiliates who joins after you. There is no substantial evidence of Jarvis AI generating external revenue. There is no information about the owner and manager behind this broker apart from some pictures and hypothetical names. Furthermore, the Cloud Token is not registered under any jurisdiction that can ensure the security of the investor’s funds. In total, we can say that the Cloud Token is a Ponzi scheme under the MLM or affiliate niche. Traders and investors are warned that your investments will vanish in the snap of fingers.  Please stay away from Cloud Token.  

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