Comercex Review

Comercex website at a glance will seem like a one-stop solution for all your crypto trading needs as they present their offers as the most profitable ones. However, the picture is a lot different then what it seems like. The cryptocurrency scam brokers pitch the offers and schemes in the way that they can lure as many investors as possible. After they get investments from a good number of people, they just vanish with all the money. Read the full Comercex review here.

About Comercex:

Comercex was founded back in July 2016. The company on its website said that their goal is to create something completely new and unusual. New and unusual? This is not how a legit company sounds. The website doesn’t look professional either. The broker promises to provide a surprising guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) of 15% per week which is paid out to the clients in daily payments. No broker could guarantee returns in such a way as returns are always subject to market conditions. Another fake luring offer is that it will provide $100 to every new member on signing up which they can not withdraw but can use for buying their tokens. The broker also claims to own affiliate marketing, Dropshiping and private labeling businesses and the profit it earns in these businesses is shared among its clients. However, these businesses are not real and they are just used to hide the Ponzi scheme that the broker is running. It is just that the broker uses the money coming from new clients to pay off the old ones. This scheme is not only illegal but also a base of scams. Another big red flag is that the company claims to be registered in the UK while it has no license or registration from the FCA. The company seems to be working illegally in the UK and also it sounds way to good to be true.

Is Comercex a scam or legit broker?

Comercex is an unregulated broker that claims to provide a whooping 15% of ROI per week. If you are already an investor you would know that no company could provide such guarantees as there are business and market risks involved. Another thing, the broker works on the Ponzi scheme which is an illegal and fraudulent scheme. Therefore, considering all the facts it could be said that the broker is a scam and investing with this broker is losing your money.

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