Crypterium Review

Amid growing developments in cryptocurrency markets some scammers have seen this as an opportunity to lure and mislead the investors. New technologies are being used in the trading of cryptocurrency like blockchain. So in this era of innovations, one need to be more alert so that they would not hand over their money in the wrong hands. Crypterium is also a cryptocurrency broker that has come up with advance technology in marketing and trading of cryptocurrency. In this article we will see how legit are the intentions of Crypterium. Read the full Crypterium review here.

About Crypterium:

Crypterium tends to provide a decentralized banking platform that is geared towards the establishment of a cryptocurrency bank. It provides services like a bank but only in digital currency. The broker offers services like Mobile crypto wallets, prepaid cards, banking services for cryptocurrency, and selling vouchers and mobile top-ups. This all sounds very unusual as the services provided by the broker is out of the league of what brokers are for. The broker supports cryptocurrency namely, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, and CRTP. It also provides a Crypterium debit card that according to the brokers works as a normal debit card but for cryptocurrency. This scheme seems very attractive to many but the real story is that the card is prepaid. This means that one has to charge it by transferring real money on the broker’s site. There are numerous complaints that the card fails to pay at the time of purchase claiming that some technical error has occurred. This was one of the ways the broker misleads the clients and take away their money. There are various hidden charges as well, which are levied by the broker on performing transactions on its application. The broker is nothing but a scam it is all anonymous, there are no details where it is based and who is the owner.

Is Crypterium a scam or legit broker?

Crypterium is an unregulated broker. The broker provides services like a bank provides and claims itself as a cryptocurrency bank but it has no license or registration to provide such services. It has no regulatory body watching its functions and safeguarding the rights of the investors. Moreover, there are numerous reviews regarding its failure of providing the money through the debit card. It seems that the broker has presented itself as a legit broker but it is not. Hence, we would recommend not to invest with this broker.

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