Crypto Capitals Review


According to the official website of Crypto Capitals, the broker calls itself an ultimate cryptocurrency investment destination. The information about very fundamental aspects of trading is mysteriously unavailable on the site. These aspects include minimum initial investment, offered leverages, provided spreads and also cost of trading. Also, the broker’s website shows information about other commercial services like future planning, several audits, taxation, and finances. Unfortunately, clients of this broker must read this Crypto Capitals review, before investing in this broker as the broker does not have a valid licence. The analysis presented here will help you. Make sure to read it thoroughly first.

About Crypto Capitals:

If any of our readers thinking about some of the advantages will appear in this review for Crypto Capitals, we are extremely sorry to disappoint you as there is no advantage to mention. The broker we are reviewing here, Crypto Capital is entirely anonymous. The information on the company name,  the identity of the owner, customer support facility, and licensing or regulation are missing from the official website. The only piece of information we came across the addressed from Switzerland. However, we are suspicious about the provided address. It is a fact of extreme worry because no authority can make the Crypto Capital culprit in the time of scam. Also, the firm behind it called Rushtag LTD is a Gibraltar based company. But, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission refuses brokers registration claim. Switzerland’s local financial regulatory body FINMA has red-flagged Crypto Capitals because of its fishy operations. The broker refuses to provide any demo account. Also, traders can register only with the invitation.

Is Crypto Capitals scam or legit?

To answer the above question, we will first start with Crypto Capitals registration and licensing. The broker is not at all regulated. The broker also has got a scam warning from Switzerland’s FINMA. Also, Gibraltar financial body refuses its registration claims. The broker is entirely anonymous, and we could not find any solid existence of its owner or address mentioned on the official website. Furthermore, there is zero information available about the basic aspects required for trading such as leverages, spreads and cost of trading. In our view, the broker is completely corrupt, and investments made in it are at higher risk of scam. Traders are advised to keep a safe distance from such brokers. The Crypto Capitals is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker that needs to be ignored.

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