CryptoBravos Review


CryptoBravos advertises itself as a crypto trading and mining platform. The broker allegedly claims to be situated in Chicago, USA. All of the claims of CryptoBravos are fake, and it is an unregulated entity. Apart from regulations, there are several concerns we have about this broker. In this CryptoBravos review, we will discuss all pros and cons of this broker. Please read it thoroughly.

About CryptoBravos:

First of all, the CryptoBravos’s terms and conditions are copy-paste of another broker. Every line is the same except for the name of the owner and font used. The ABC Marketing LTD is the owner of CryptoBravos when we searched for ABC Marketing LTD we found nothing. The website also shares a telephone number. The number is operated through VOIP using a VPN from the Candian location. But the dialled number redirects to some Asian nation. Also, there are several misspellings in the information provided on the website and white paper. It leads us to believe that there is an irresponsible person behind this broker. Also, the official address CryptoBravos used on its website belongs to an owner of an investment company named Thoma Bravo. In reality, this name is also falsely crafted. There is no such entity or person called Thoma Bravo. Thoma is a short form of Thomas or maybe a spelling mistake that is repeated many times on the website. The CryptoBravos is a very new broker, and its inception dates back to February 2019. The broker claims to be a cryptocurrency broker. Unfortunately, we were unable to find out any eWallet offered by this broker to deposit cryptocurrency. The CryptoBravos do not share any further information about trading condition provided such as leverage, spreads and cost of trading. Also, the initial investment required is missing.  The broker accepts payment only through cryptocurrency, and there no information about the withdrawal of the funds. Many ex-clients have accused CryptoBravos as a scam. Also, many scam recovery forums are pursuing this broker to recover traders funds.

Is CryptoBravos scam or legit?

The broker CryptoBravos is unregulated and irresponsible. There are many faults in the terms and conditions and white paper of this broker—the broker managed by ABC Marketing LTD, the firm whose existence can not be tracked. Also, all the telephone numbers are redirecting to some Asian nation. Trading conditions are not mentioned. All the above facts of the CryptoBravos leads us to believe that the broker is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. Traders undoubtedly will get scammed if they invest in such brokers.

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