CryptoGo Review


Offshore based broker CryptoGo provides cryptocurrency services. That means it converts fiat currency into digital currency and vice a versa. Only one account is provided with 1:1 leverage level. The spreads are not mentioned, but transaction fees are applied approximately 30% of BTC. The broker has also capped a minimum high transact limit, i.e. only certain amour of money is transacted. Nevertheless, the overview is quite confusing, in this CryptoGo review; we will provide all the necessary information about this so-called crypto broker. So pay attention to every detail provided.

About CryptoGo:

Crypto go provides a simple service and platform. The platform is meant to purchase bitcoins against any fiat currency—the broker accepts all conventional and modern payment options like bank wire transfer and credit card payments. Also, the broker offers transaction of all the possible cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, IOTA, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, Nem and 100 more. Nevertheless, CryptoGo appears to be a new player in the trading market, but its establishment date can not be traced. The CryptoGo likes to call itself a broker, but in the financial or trading market, its definition is different. The broker also offers advice on the investment of cryptocurrencies. This sounds problematic and suspicious. The broker is not regulated. The exchange rate of single Bitcoin is about Euro 7, 500 on traders website. The average Bitcoin exchange rate is Euro 5,700 to 5,800. Most exchange rates are 2% or a maximum of 10%, but this broker charges 30%. Furthermore, the broker does not offer e-wallets to store cryptocurrencies. Considering this, the broker CryptoGo provides incomplete service and is not welcomed. The broker also has an entry bar at Euro 500, below that no transaction is possible. Here we can say that the minimum initial investment is far more than the market average. To be called a broker, the company must have a trading platform provided whether web-based or other. However, in the case of CryptoGo, it does not offer any trading platform.

Is CryptoGo scam or legit?

CryptoGo is not a forex or cryptocurrency brokerage provider neither exchange. However, we can call it exchanger because of some services it offers. The CryptoGo is unregulated, and its operational address is unknown. The initial investment is high, and the exchange rate is 30%, that is not acceptable. In our view, CryptoGo is a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. Investments pose high scam risk with this so-called broker.

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