Cryptonxt Review


Cryptonxt allegedly claims that it is worlds most trusted cryptocurrency broker present in the market. It has offices all over the globe including in Zurich, London, USA and Canada. Sadly, Cryptonxt is not an exchange, where traders can buy cryptos. Instead, it only provides CFDs over cryptocurrencies. Most worrisome fact about Cryptonxt is that its official website is anonymous. In this Cryptonxt review, we will discuss all the aspects of this broker in a very detailed manner.

About Cryptonxt:

If we want to talk about a few advantages of Cryptonxt, there are none. Also, we can not think of one. Furthermore, there are many disadvantages we came across while researching Cryptonxt for this review. As mentioned in the overview, the Cryptonxt claims to be the most popular exchange with offices all over the globe this claim is fake. There are only telephone numbers provided with no physical address. It assumed that the Best Media LTD is the owner of the Cryptonxt. This single piece of information collected from the broker’s client agreement section. Apart from this, the name of Best Media LTD is not mentioned anywhere on the website. We also don’t know where the owner of this broker is situated. The Cryptonxt is also an unregulated entity and is a significant issue. We always mention this fact that the unregulated broker can use traders funds any way they want and are not accountable for any fraud or scam. On the other hand, regulated brokerage providers are reliable because of extreme control over them by Financial Regulatory bodies. The Cryptonxt also involved in trading bonuses. First of all, the trading bonuses are entirely banned in regulated markets. Second, such bonuses come with many unusual terms and conditions. The traders have to pursue maximum trade volume to avail these bonuses. In the case of Cryptonxt, the situation is very different. Traders can not even withdraw their deposited money until they do not comply with maximum trade volume and is an additional burden on the clients of Cryptonxt. The broker does not have the facility of a demo account. So, we are not able to tell our readers exactly the real trading conditions of Cryptonxt are. The broker also fails to provide the most popular trading platform MetaTrader. Also, the information about the minimum initial deposit also not mentioned on the website, and it only accepts payment in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Is Cryptonxt scam or legit?

Cryptonxt is anonymous cryptocurrency broker with zero credibility. In our view, it a potential cryptocurrency scam broker. We advise staying away from such brokers.

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