CTX Prime Review

CTX prime review

CTX Prime review- Scam or legit

If you’re thinking of investing with CTX Prime, BEWARE, you may be at risk!

Here, in this article through which we will show you how an investment with an unlicensed and unregulated broker can jeopardize your investments. Read the full CTX Prime review here.

CTX Prime is an offshore broker without a license, owned and operated under RMD Developments, offering accounts like – Nuisance free account, Auto trading account and Social trading account and located at 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152, Commonwealth of Dominica. It does not fall under any regulatory oversight and has been listed as one among many fraud brokers by the New Zealand FMA.

Many investors have claimed that CTX Prime gets nasty when they asked back their money. Withdrawing any amount after investment is a nightmare with CTX Prime, the investors added in their comments. They also claimed that once any amount is invested, the server stops working and the broker stops responding to calls or emails. Basically, CTX Prime is nothing more than a scam broker.

How the scam works?

  • You click on ads that promise fast money in lesser time leading to some unauthorized broker websites where you’re asked to fill out a form – your name, address, email ID phone number and sign up. That is when they’ve started pushing you in the trap.
  • Then you start receiving calls from the broker asking you to invest and win big, which is the next step of the scam.
  • The broker is well trained and will pitch you in such a way that you decide to credit the deposit money and that is when the scammer takes a huge commission from the initial deposit.
  • Further, the senior scammers come into picture and begin working with you into putting even more money as an investment – making you believe that it’s the only way to profit from trading even more. Once, you’ve invested even further, you’ll start wanting to withdraw what you are entitled to.
  • Now, at this stage, the scammers will not let you leave with your own money. They will start persuading you to hold on for more and not withdraw at the moment. That’s where the real scam begins. How? Traders get very limited time to fill a charge back with their banks and get their money back. These scammers will simply start misleading you and let you miss that opportunity and you will end up losing any chance to get your money back.

CTX Prime works exactly the same way and have scammed you as well as many other investors of their hard earned money. It claims to have 380+ trading assets with an easily accessible approach. Stay away from such scammers.


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