Dacxi Dac Coin Review

Dacxi Dac Coin is one of the cryptocurrency brokers that offer ROI through MLM opportunity. It should be noted that there are a good percentage of brokers that run scams in the name of providing such opportunity. Therefore, before investing with any broker take time to research and review the information about the company. Let’s get into the details of Dacxi Dac Coin to know whether they are using legitimate business practices or not. Read the full Dacxi Dac Coin review here.

About Dacxi Dac Coin:

Dacxi Dac Coin is actually an MLM company that also offers a promised return on the investment. To earn money with this broker, one has to build a downline of investing affiliate members and earn from the promised ROI that the company offers. The first thing that gives the impression of trust and also gives the ability to research the background and the experience that the owner has, is who owns the company. Unfortunately, the broker’s website doesn’t offer any such information about who is the owner. However, a very unusual thing is that according to some information on a social media site, Ed Ludbrook is the founder of Dacxi Dac Coin. As a matter of fact, Ed Ludbrook was associated with OneCoin, the infamous company that was shut-down due to its security fraud. The business model of Dacxi Dac Coin is similar to that of OneCoin which is not a good sign. Importantly, to operate in the United States as a legal MLM company, it would also need some retail products where customers can purchase a product that the company provides without joining the opportunity as an affiliate. But this is not the case with Dacxi Dac Coin as there are no retail products available on its website for purchasing, this again indicates that the broker is nothing more than a scam. One more issue is that the company is offering a promised return on investment and this means that they will need to be registered to operate with the SEC in every country that they are doing business in to be legal.

Is Dacxi Dac Coin a scam or legit broker?

According to the details and the review above, it could be said that the broker is a potential scam. It runs on a Ponzi scheme which is illegal worldwide. Therefore, it would be highly risky to invest your money with this broker and we would not recommend this scam broker.

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