Dunde Wealth Recovery Group Review

Online trading has seen a rise in the number of fraud brokers who scam their clients and steal their hard-earned money. To fight back against these fraud brokers and scams, recovery firms come in the role. Dundewealthrecoverygroup.com is also recovery firm that claims to help the victims of scam by online fraud brokers to get their money back. But the fact is not all of these recovery firms are legit, some are scammers. Hence, it is necessary to see all the pros and cons of the firm before investing with them. Read the full Dunde Wealth Recovery Group review here.

About the Dundewealthrecoverygroup:

Dundewealthrecoverygroup.com is a recovery firm that take cases of fraud by Binary options, Forex and Romance scammers. The firm is headquartered in New York, USA. The firm dundewealthrecoverygroup.com is owned by rexwealthrevovery.com and the sites of both the firms are exactly same in layout. Moreover, it also seems that the firm also ran Merilledgewealthrecovery.com. The firm rexwealthrecovery.com is suspected as a scam and has some false claims and misleading information. Dundewealthrecoverygroup.com seems a suspicious firm too as it is related with more than one firm and all of them look alike. That’s why the firm lacks reliability. The firm also doesn’t mention any fact apart of its address on the site.

More facts about the Dundewealthrecoverygroup:

Dundewealthrecoverygroup has provided a Disclaimer information on the bottom of the site in ‘Contact Us’ page which seems unusual. They claim themselves as ‘Non Legal Services’ which is contradictory. Also, this information is provided on the bottom of the page which should be there on the top of the page. These all things show that the company wants to hide something. In an article by Financemagnates, the firm Dunde Wealth Recovery Group is suspected to be a scam company. They suspect why Dunde Wealth Recovery Group is owned by a brokerage service Merrill Edge which is owned by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Also the company claims its office in New York but it says they are regulated by FCA , UK’s authority.

Whois record of Dundewealthrecoverygroup:

According to the whois.domaintools.com, the record says that dundeweathrecoverygroup.com is Created on 2018-07-27 Expires on 2020-07-27 Updated on 2019-07-09

Is Dundewealthrecoverygroup a scam or legit firm?

According to the details and facts about dundewealthrecoverygroup.com, firm seems suspicious as it is also associated with a firm suspected as a scam. Therefore, it would be recommended to go through this review and details before engaging with the firm.

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