Emend Recovery Review

Asset recovery firms have come up in light of increased fraud in online markets. Although many of these recovery firms have intentions of recovering the lost money of victims, some are there to double dupe the victims. It is important to find out the legit one among the firms available to help. In this article, we will review a recovery firm named emendrecovery.com in detail.

About Emendrecovery:

Emendrecovery.com is a USA based recovery firm. The firm provides services of recovery for forex, Binary options, and Romance scam. There are no details of license or registration which means the firm doesn’t own any. The firm also claims not to be a law firm and it works closely with the authorised attorney. Importantly, the content on the site emendrecovery.com is copied from boltrecovery.com and flashassetrecovery.com. Both of these firms have been suspected as a scam and are suspicious firms with low ratings on the internet. Emendrecovery.com is probably be owned and operated by the same entity that owns boltrecovery.com and flashassetrecovery.com. Read the full Emend recovery review here.

More facts about the Emend recovery:

Emendrecovery.com is a pretty new firm in the market. On searching for the firm on the internet it has been found that Scamadviser.com has suspected the firm as a scam and highlighted the negatives of the firm. The indicators that are behind this suspicion are,

  1. The Registered contact email address of the firm is a free one.
  2. The Technical contact email address is also a free one.
  3. The Administrative contact email address is free as well.
  4. The speed of this website appears to be slower than average.
  5. This website has not had any feedback on WebOfTrust (WOT).
  6. This website is only 222 days old.
  7. The website’s expected life is relatively short.
  8. This website setup involves countries known to be high risk.
  9. The website set-up involves 3 countries.

Whois record of Emendrecovery:

According to the whois.domaintools.com, the record of whois says that emendrecovery.com is Created on 2019-11-07 Expires on 2020-11-07 Updated on 2020-01-07

Is Emendrecovery a scam or a legit firm?

Emendrecovery.com has copied the content of two firms that have been suspected as scam firms. The firm also has very limited information that means it lacks transparency. The details found have indicated suspicion in the firm. Therefore, handing your case to this firm might be risky as there is no information regarding the owner of this firm.

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