Emily Global Review

Recovery firms have been a helpful hand to the victims of online fraud. These firms fight for the victims to get their lost funds back from the fraudsters. However, there are scam firms too among these recovery firms that do nothing but scam the victim again. We will be reviewing emilyglobal.tech in this review to know about the firm’s legitimacy.

About Emilyglobal:

Emilyglobal.tech is a cryptocurrency recovering firm that assist in recovering cryptocurrency from fraudsters and fraudulent brokers. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Others, that means the firm helps in recovering funds which are in digital form. Emilyglobal.tech claims to be a joint enterprise with Hexagon CyberLaw Firm, but there is no proof regarding this. The firm claims to have an experience of 3 years whereas according to whois it is only 215 days old. The firm has its office in Columbus, USA. Read the full EmilyGlobal review here.

More facts about Emilyglobal:

Emilyglobal.tech seems suspicious and has not provided much information. So, we did some research to find out more about the firm. On searching the internet, we came across scamdoc.com, where we find very bad trust score of 1% for the firm emilyglobal.tech. It says that the firm’s domain name is linked to one or more countries known for being used by fraudulent websites. Signal-arnaques.com has suspected it to be a scam. A review reads “the recovery firm blackmails the victim for misusing his details that he has provided for recovery to get more money from the victim. The reviewer has been tricked for $1000”. Scamadviser.com highlighted some negatives of the firm emilyglobal.tech. The following are those negative points.

  1. The identity of the owner of the website is hidden.
  2. The technical speed performance of the website is below average.
  3. No reviews have been found on WOT (WebOfTrust).
  4. It has been 215 days since the website was set-up.
  5. The registration of the website is valid for only 366 more days.
  6. This website’s setup relates to 2 countries.
  7. Cryptocurrency services detected, which can be a high risk.

Is Emilyglobal.tech a scam or legit firm?

Emilyglobal.tech might be a scam firm as there are various negative reviews on the internet. Moreover, the firm has made a false claim of its experience on the website which is misleading. The lack of information and hidden data creates suspicion about the firm. Hence, we would suggest going through this review to better understand the firm.

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