Eternal Wealth Group Review

Overview of Eternal Wealth Group Review

Eternal Wealth Group is a company that is hard not to suspect of doing things wrong. The problem starts from the fact that there are multiple entities with the name Eternal Wealth Group. And they all claim to be forex brokers, or financial investment firms, seemingly operating in and out of Australia. And they have varying degrees of legitimacy. Even the Australian regulator has warned the people of this, and put out notices that try to raise awareness about the different businesses operating under extremely similar monikers. Here, however we are looking at Eternal Wealth group, which is behind the broker Eternal Wealth, which operates on the domain Now, as we mentioned, it is a company that is hard to trust, and this is emphasized when you look at their website. Read the full Eternal Wealth Group review here.

About Eternal Wealth Group

Eternal Wealth will claim that it is running a legitimate business and is trying to be an industry leader in providing you the best trading experience. However, before one can ever get to trading itself, when you come on to their website, things look really haphazard and completely in chaos. You are welcomed by a choppy looking image, which hasn’t even been properly sized to fit the banner. On it is a text written, which makes little sense, and is also almost invisible. While the reviewer is no Web Designer, even he can comprehend and infer that this website was made by someone who was either in a hurry or was working for free. The website is extremely glitchy, with page scrolls landing you in awkward alignments and missing out on information. Also, the website is absolutely riddled with typos, grammatical errors, bad punctuation, bad formatting and so much more. There are sections after sections of FAQs, which are definitely just copy pasted from some random source, and haven’t even been looked at a second time.    The worst of it, the website doesn’t even have a Contact Us page. There is absolutely no contact information mentioned on the entire website. We don’t know where exactly the office is based, what are their phone numbers, their Email IDs, Skype or anything. There is however a link for WhatsApp on their website. Things are so bad, that the only text on their About us page is “ eternal wealth, together with many financial research and consulting institutions, is committed to studying active market opportunities and trends, and providing investors with more easily operated and profitable products.” They do not even write the name of the business properly.

The Verdict

Given that the broker has such a bad website, along with forums and various discussions full of complaints against its fraudulent behaviour, we suggest our readers to stay cautious about them.

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