Financial Reimbursement Review is a firm that provides various services and one of them is fund recovering service. They fight for the victims of scams fraud brokers who are their clients. This is all that they claim and offer on their website but let’s get into the details about this recovery firm to better understand things. One should know that all of the firms are not honest, some are frauds too.

About Financial Reimbursement:

The firm claims to provide full asset recovery across the industries namely, Binary Options, Forex, Cryptocurrency and Investment Fraud. They have only mentioned only this much information in their About Us section. Rest of the long article contains only their goals and how they are better. at the bottom of its page says it is founded to protect people worldwide against online fraud that means it provides its services all over the world. But, in the UK a firm needs to have a license to provide any kind of financial or related services and doesn’t provide any details of having this license.

More facts about Financial Reimbursement:

The firm is based in New York and claims on its website to have been working from 564 days but when we checked the record of the firm on whois it says the firm is only 159 days old. which is not even a complete year and firm is making a false claim. What does it indicate? Is the firm involved in something fishy? On searching more about the negative reviews about the firm are found on sites and One of the reviews reads, the firm says you don’t have to pay in advance to recover your funds back. But you have to make an account on block chain and they want you to deposit in that account with non-spendable amounts to make them spendable. On Scamadviser a very low 10% trust score has been given to

Whois record of Financial reimbursement

According to the, the record says is Created on 2019-12-29 Expires on 2020-12-29 Updated on 2020-02-28

Is financialreimbursement a scam or legit firm? hasn’t provided much information about it on its website neither in its FAQ section so its lack transparency. Considering the other factors also about the firm we would advise to not risk your money on any suspicious firm and make sure to research about the reputation of the firm.

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