Fintex Assets Recovery Review

Asset recovery firms are specialized in recovering funds of the scam victims lost to online fraud brokers. These firms seem as an aid to the victims who have hope of getting his funds back. But there are fraudsters too among these recovery firms who see cases of these victims as an opportunity to encash. Therefore, it is always better to research about the firm and get all the possible details to know the firm better.

About Fintex Assets Recovery: is an online asset recovery firm that has set up recently. The firm claims to provide asset recovery services for individuals and companies. It covers all types of online fraudulent activities for its recovering services. The company has its office in New York, however, there are no details provided regarding the license or registration. The firm website doesn’t seem professional and well presented. The FAQ section of the website also has very general questions and nothing about the firm, which is unusual. Read the full Fintex Asstes Recovery review here.

More facts about Fintex Assets Recovery: lacks information and is very young. The firm is a recovery firm, but it also provides services like tax planning, business registration and incorporation, and audit assessment. The services page is presented in a different language and is all suspicious. On doing some research about the firm, it seems that its claim of having solved more than 5000 cases is completely false. The firm is up for only 125 days. Scamadviser has also given a low trust rating to the firm and indicated the following negative highlights.

  1. The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity.
  2. The speed of this website appears to be slower than average.
  3. This website has not had any feedback on Web Of Trust (WOT).
  4. This website is only 125 days old.
  5. The website expected life (366 days) is relatively short.
  6. This website setup involves countries known to be high risk.
  7. This website’s setup involves 4 countries.

Whois record of Fintexassetsrecovery:

According to the, the record of whois says is Created on 2020-02-17 Expires on 2021-02-17 Updated on 2020-04-17

Is Fintexassetsrecovery a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details, seems suspicious. The firm claims are also found false which ultimately reduces the level of reliability of the firm. The firm might be a scam so it would be advisable to go through this review before getting into business with the firm.

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