First Option Recovery Review

Recovery firms fight for the victims of the scam who lost their money to fraudulent brokers. is also a recovery firm that provides recovery services for online scams. However, not all of these firms are as genuine as they showcase. Many recovery firms have been into scams recently. Therefore, before getting into any firm it is always advisable to get all the details about the firm.

About  First Option Recovery: is a recovery firm based in New York. Along with recovery services the firm also provides debt settlement, debt consolidation and debt management services. The firm claims to cover each and every type of online scam for recovery. The site is a copy of, which is suspected as a scam recovery site. Both of the recovery sites are completely identical and might be run by the same owner. Read the full First Option Recovery review here.

More facts about  Firstoptionrecovery: seems suspicious so we searched the internet to gather more information about the firm. The firm claims of having 10 years of experience, however according to whois the firm is only 443 days old. On a review about the firm reads “the reviewer(client) has been charged 20% commission which he has paid. Still, they were not letting him transfer his money onto his account. Instead, he has to keep that money in his website wallet. has all his money and not responding to him anymore”. Scamadviser has given the firm a very low of 2% trust ratings and cautioned people of high risk in using the website. The following negative highlights are also provided by scamadviser.

  1. The website’s owner is hiding his identity using a paid service.
  2. This website does not have many visitors.
  3. The speed performance of the website is low.
  4. Unable to find reviews for this website on Web Of Trust (WOT).
  5. The website is being served from a high-risk country.
  6. The website has been set-up 1 Years, 68 days ago.
  7. High risk countries are related to the set-up of this website.
  8. 3 countries are involved in the set-up of the website.
  9. This site is actively preventing credit card chargebacks.

Whois record of Firstoptionrecovery:

According to the, the record says is Created on 2019-04-02 Expires on 2021-04-02 Updated on 2019-04-02 Is First Option Recovery a scam or legit firm? seems to be a suspicious firm and also been suspected to be a scam by Scamadviser. The claims of the firm were also false that shows the firm lacks reliability.

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