Flash Asset Recovery Review

Assets recovery firms are the online entities that help in recovering the lost funds of the victims to online frauds. But there are also fake asset recovery firms that solicit victims of financial scams, promising they can recover the lost funds for a fee in advance. However, they do little to nothing to help and disappear with the fee. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and research the firm before investing the money. Read the full Flash Asset Recovery review here.

About Flash Asset Recovery:

Flashassetrecovery.com is a recovery firm that claims to provide services of fund recovery from online scams, Banking Fraud, credit/debit card scams, CFD trading scams, forex scams, cryptocurrency scams, Binary options scams, and online trading. The firm has provided a faulty address that is not found even on the map provided on its site. There is no section of ‘About us’ on the site. The information is very limited on the site about its identity. The firm seems suspicious to us as there are no details even about the license and registration.

More facts about Flash Asset Recovery:

As flashassetrecovery.com has not provided much information, we did some research to understand better about the firm. The Forexpeacearmy.com has added the ‘flashassetrecovery.com’ under the list of the sites that cannot help but steal your money. Scam adviser has also indicated risk in the firm and suspected it a scam firm. It has also mentioned the negatives it has found in flashassetrecovery.com. Those negatives read as:

  1. The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity.
  2. This site has a low Alexa rank of 3811976.
  3. There is no review or feedback about the site on Web of Trust.
  4. The site is using a PO Box allowing it to remain anonymous.
  5. This online store has no SSL certificate, which means communication is not secure.
  6. The website is very new.
  7. The website’s setup involves 3 countries.
  8. The blogs on the website speak it offers high-risk financial services.
  9. The website seems to prevent credit card chargebacks.

Whois record of Flashassetrecovery:

According to the whois.domaintools.com, the record says flashassetrecovery.com is Created on 2019-12-21 Expires on 2020-12-21 Updated on 0000-12-31

Is Flash Asset Recovery a scam or a legit firm?

According to the details found about the firm, it might not be a legit firm. The firm has mentioned the address as the only detail about it and that too is a faulty one. Therefore, as the firm seems suspicious we would recommend avoiding investing with them.

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