Fmh Alliance Review

Fund recovery services are provided by the firms to the victim of scam done by online fraud brokers. Such a firm is, completely named as FMH Alliance Lawyers, it claims to provide legal solutions for the scams done to victims. But not every time what firm claims is true. Sometimes the claims could be fake and the recovery firm may be a scam too. That’s why checking on the firm’s legitimacy before hand is always a better option. Read the full Fmhalliance review here.

About Fmhalliance: is an asset recovery firm presented as a lawyer’s firm and the full name of the firm is Fabron, Mishel & Herriot Alliance Lawyers. The website mentioned it as a law firm which has offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The firm was founded in 2008 and it provides legal advices as well. Talking about its recovery services, the firm offers recovery of funds in forex trading scams and internet fraud lawsuits. The firm has made various promises and claims that seem too good to be true. One of such claims is that it will not charge its client any fees or money until the client gets back his money from the fraudster. There is a picture of an award for ‘Insurance Litigation Firm of 2017’ from AL Global Media Ltd, however, we could not find any such information on the internet. It could be a false claim by the firm.

More facts about the Fmhalliance: is a law firm that claims to be in existence from 11 years but it has got no Review page, site or blog talking about the firm. This is very strange as the firm claims too much about itself and its success rate but there are no traces of the firm on the internet. We all know that reviews play a major role for online firms, but unfortunately, there is no review about the firm on Trustpilot, Scamadviser or any such review sites. Interestingly the claim of the firm of being 11 years old is all false as according to whois record the firm is only ‘102’ days old. The firm is suspected to be a scam as it is trying to lure clients by presenting false information.

Whois record of Fmhalliance:

According to, the record says that is Created on 2020-02-27 Expires on 2021-02-27 Updated on 2020-02-27

Is Fmhalliance a scam or legit firm?

According to the details and facts mentioned above it could be said that the firm might not be a legitimate one as its false claims have slashed its reliability and credibility. Hence, it would be advised to consider the review above before heading to the firm.

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