Fuda Capital Review


Fuda Capital claims itself as a trusted and regulated broker that has an impressive reputation in the FX market. It also provides managed account service with guaranteed profit. Its official website mentions offices in countries like Malaysia, Scotland, Hong Kong and Singapore. All of the claims of this broker may sound like an interesting opportunity to trade and earn in forex. Unfortunately, it is not so. The broker is unregulated and blacklisted by FCA of the UK. In this Fuda Capital review, we will shed light on all the claims, brokers legitimacy, and more. Stay Tuned and read the full Fuda Capital review here.

About Fuda Capital:

There are five different tradable accounts provided by this broker. These accounts are Bronze MTA, Silver MTA, Gold MTA, Diamond MTA, and Platinum MTA. The minimum entry-level deposits are $7500, $20000, $75000, $200000, and $500000 accordingly. It also promises to generate guaranteed fixed returns of 1% to 5% depending upon account types. Profit withdrawals can be performed after every 120 days. Sadly, we could not come across any information about the payment methods at Fuda Capital. Fuda Capital has four subsidiaries operational and based at four different countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK. It also acts as a market maker. That means this broker will trade on behalf of its customer and apply charges on both winning or losing bet. That means it will be beneficial for the broker in either way. We have checked registry of the Financial Conduct Authority for Fuda Capitals claim. We found out that the FCA already blacklisted this broker for providing illegal brokerage services in its jurisdiction. On top of that, the earlier mentioned entry-level deposits are quite high. It does not share the information about the trading conditions like leverages and spreads provided. We only know that the broker offers trading assets like forex pairs, silver, gold, platinum, crude oil, indexes, stocks, bonds, and future but the trading platform provided is not mentioned anywhere. Such anonymous, misleading, and opaque information provider brokers always turn out to be a scam broker.

Is Fuda Capital scam or legit?

Fuda Capital fakes it’s an international presence and promises unusual guaranteed returns. Although it is an unregulated broker and has received a warning by FCA. The initial deposits are very high compared to other legitimate brokers and trading conditions are not clear. Considering all this we can say that the broker Fuda Capital is a potential scam broker 2020.

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