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Often in a day, we come across many ads that pop up when we open different sites, promising quick and fast money. Upon clicking on these colorful and tacky ads, we are redirected to another web page that asks for our details such as name, phone number, email, etc., these details are then circulated in between the scam company members. After a few days, we start receiving calls from various numbers convincing us to start trading and invest with their company. However promising these fake promises may sound, one should never fall for these sugar-coated promises. After opening an account and depositing the required minimum deposit, the company’s “senior associates” will call you and convince you into depositing more money under the pretext of various offers and schemes. They may also promise you a 100% bonus. However, what they don’t tell you is that these offers are always crafted with various terms and policies that the company has specially planned to trap you. When you file for a withdrawal, these senior associates will stop calling you or even pick your calls. They will provide lame reasons as to why your withdrawal hasn’t been processed yet. Slowly, they will deactivate your account without your knowledge and flee with your money. This has been the story of most of the customers who got scammed by these scam brokers. The innocent customers who have no idea about online trading often fall prey to these scams and end up losing their whole life savings. We are here to help you out in staying ahead of these scam brokers. On this page, we will review the scam brokers so that you can stay alert and not fall prey to their tactics.

About GiroFX:

Giro FX is a CFD brokerage company that claims to be registered in the UK. This is the only information that the company discloses on the website. Upon researching for the company’s name in the FCA list which is the regulatory authority of the UK, no such name is seen to have a license. One must always be aware that we should never trade with an unregulated company that does not have a license. The company provides an unproven web trading platform, not the normal trading platform which is commonly used by the broker companies. The website of the company seems to be a little confusing and not as user friendly as Giro FX claims. The minimum deposit is $200 and offers a leverage of 1:30. Upon doing some research on this company, we also found out that a warning has been issued against Giro FX by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) for targeting traders without the possession of a license. This company also offers a variety of methods for payments such as Visa and MasterCard, as well as bank wire and e-wallets such as skrill, SOFORT, iDEAL, Safety Pay, and Przelewy 24. Although no withdrawal fees were mentioned at the time of withdrawal, we can never be sure about these unregulated companies as they may ask for withdrawal fees randomly. Like all other unregulated companies, Giro FX too has certain terms and conditions that don’t allow the user to withdraw the bonus.

Is Giro FX a scam or legit?

Giro FX is an unregulated company. We recommend you not to trade with this company to save your money. We suggest you invest in a regulated company and not to fall with GiroFX scam.

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