Global Capital Retriever Review

Globalcapitalretriever is one of those firms that provide services of fund recovery for the victims of scam done to them by fraud brokers. There are number of other firms too in the market which provide these kind of fund recovery services but the one thing that one should be aware of is that there are scammers too in these firms. Therefore, proper research should be done about the firm before getting help from them. Read the full Global Capital Retriever review here.

About Global Capital Retriever:

Globalcapitalretriever is a fund recovery firm that has office at 8033 Evinrude Ave North Port, FL 34291, USA. Their website looks pretty incomplete as there is no information or matter in its about us section, which is even not a separate section on its website. At the Footer of the website there is a section ‘about us’ under which ‘Wealth and asset retrieval’ is the only thing written which shows that there is no Quality Assurance done to the website. Why they are hiding their details? Is it a scam? The Globalcapitalretriever provides services of fund recovery for forex trading scam, binary options scam and cryptocurrency scams. The company has also posted only three testimonies on its website that too doesn’t have proper details regarding their cases.

More Facts about Globalcapitalretriever:

The website of Globalcapitalretriever in its ‘Services offered’ section has mentioned that it provides its services with 100% guarantee to help unmask the face of perpetrators, recover victim’s lost funds and petition the arm of the law to punish such acts. Whereas, the fact is that the firm Globalretriever has nowhere mentioned or provided its license details or even the fact that whether it’s licensed by law or not. After doing our research it was found that the clients of this firm Globalcapitalretriever have been complaining on One of the reviews says “the Globalcapitalretriever sounds very professional and provided all contact and emails details. But in real the company is a total scam and they just have you create a bitcoin exchange account and ask for your password and id, they then create a ‘watch-only’ wallet with a amount of £150k which is non spendable and ask you to fund your own wallet of 10 percent of what you lost. You can easily guess what happens to your money when it goes to these expert scammers”.

Whois record of Global Capital Retriever:

According to the site of, the record of whoise said that Globalcapitalretriever Created on 2018-11-27 Expires on 2020-11-27 Updated on 2019-10-29

Is Globalcapitalretriever a scam or legit firm?

Globalcapitalretriever according to details and research seems lacking important information and seems suspicious too. Considering all the facts and this review it would be advised to the people looking forward to get a helping hand from this firm that they should consider this review and invest your money safely.

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