Global Refunds Int Review

Recovering funds lost by victims of scams to fraud brokers is a service provided by the recovery firms specialised in this through a legal process. is a recovery firm too that claims to be one of the renowned recovery firms. However, one should not trust merely on these claims but should go to the details about the firm to know its authenticity This is because there are other scam firms which claim to recover funds but actually they scam the victims again. Read the full Globalrefundsint review here.

About Globalrefundsint: is California based recovery firm which claims to be focused on executing chargebacks and recovery of wealth lost via internet scams and fraud. The company however has not mentioned any factual data in its ‘about us’ section, it just explained fraud and scams along with process of recovering funds there. It has mentioned its achievements like innovation, patented ideas and technology, whereas no detail or fact to back up this statement. The company name includes ‘refunds’ but in its services offered it has mentioned tax services & returns rectification and also business registration and incorporation. This is very unusual because one needs to have a proper registration and license to provide these services and doesn’t seem to have any. Is this a scam firm? How can it incorporate such services along with recovery services? The firm seems too suspicious at this point.

More facts about Globalrefundsint:

When we have searched about on the internet we couldn’t find anything related to this firm anywhere. There was not even a single review about this firm on any of the site, this is very unusual. The firm has mentioned name of another recovery firm it has no connections with and it has suggested that another recovery firm’s name for binary options fraud. Another suspicious thing about is that in FAQ section, under the ‘our mission’ question it has copied the content from other recovery sites.

Whois record of Globalrefundsint:

According to the, the record of whois says that is Created on 2019-10-08 Expires on 2020-10-08 Updated on 2019-12-07

Is Globalrefundsint a scam or legit firm?

The details about the suggests that the firm might not be a legit firm. The firm seems to be not authorised for the services it claims to be providing. There is scam suspected and we would advise you to consider the review above and the details about the firm before handling your money to them.

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