GMS Forex Review

Overview of GMS Forex Review

GMS Forex is a forex broker that claims to be based out of Sydney, Australia, having another office in Canada. We say it claims so, because there is little verifiable information about this broker present on the internet. The company seems to have set up shop in 2018, or at least that is when their domain was registered. While we do know when the domain was registered and updated, we do not see who owns it. There is an address for Scottsdale, Arizona visible when you try to look up the owner information of the domain. It is rather suspicious whenever a broker is short on information. This trend continues with the website itself. Read full GMS Forex review review here.

About GMS Forex

As mentioned there is little information present about the business on the internet. The website itself, shares no information about the origins of the business or even the leadership. While it claims to have a great team working behind the scenes, they are never brought in front of you. It is puzzling when you have no name to associate with a business. Moreover, there is not even a “Contact Us” page on the website. You cannot even find a phone number to call up and check out the information that you’d like. What is even more disturbing is the website itself. While not the worst website ever, it definitely seems like a hurried up job. The website is full of alignment errors, formatting errors, typos and text that seems to have been picked up off the internet. There is no clear objective information communicated throughout the website.


For instance, as a trader you’d like to know the account types on offer, the various spreads that are made available and the leverage that you can get. These are the primary stats that you look for when evaluating a new broker. However all this information is conveniently missing from the website as well. Rather you find generic information about forex trading, which isn’t even a good educational resource for any new trader. Also there is no Demo account mentioned that you could use to get an idea about the platform and the trading conditions,


Apart from this the broker also doesn’t seem to be regulated by any financial regulator, which is the biggest red flag right there.

The Verdict

Given that the broker isn’t overlooked by any regulator, and also it doesn’t share verifiable information about its operations, we believe it would be better to avoid dealing with them. Always find regulated brokers so that even if they fail you, there are regulations that can help you.

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