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As online fraud brokers have increased in numbers there are firms that come up to help the victims in recovering their money. is the firm that does the same job of recovering money for victims of online scams. But it’s not always what seems is true. Some recovering firms could be scam also and hence it is important to know the firm’s reputation first.

About is a recovery firm that claims on its website to be formed off a partnership with a renowned cyber law firm, Stacks Law Firm. But they have no such proof to validate this point. It provides services in recovering cryptocurrency stolen from innocent victims of fraudulent ICO, phishing scam, and fraudulent investment brokers. It charges fees for recovering at 10% of the recovered cryptocurrency which means that it only provides recovering services for cryptocurrency, which is a little weird. The company has given the office address at 6305 Keystone Crossing, Indianapolis. Read the full review here.

More facts about:

The claims to have 6 years of experience in this business whereas whois record shows it is only 190 days old. That means its claim of having 6 years’ experience is suspicious. Making false claims decreases reliability. The firm’s website also doesn’t post any single question in its FAQ section which is again an unusual thing. The firms cover Binary scam, Romance scam and forex scam. Digging in on internet for more details regarding the, it has been found that on trustpilot there are some negative reviews about the firm. One of those negative says  that “ has asked the reviewer’s friend to add funds in wallet before recovery; he wanted to recover his stolen cryptocurrency and was asked to create a wallet. He did as requested and over a period the funds were deposited into the wallet. But the funds could not be withdrawn because the firm that created the wallet informed that the funds were extracted from a scammer’s wallet and in order to withdraw the funds an additional amount of funds must be deposited into the wallet. “ If genuinely assists in recovery that this behavior is wrong and suspicious, he claims.

Whois record of

According to the, is Created on 2019-11-28 Expires on 2020-11-28 Updated on 2019-12-16

Is a scam or legit firm?

There are some points and facts discussed above which shows suspicion in the firm and as the negative reviews about it prevail it might not be as legit as other well known firms.

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