Instagram Scams and why are we so susceptible to it?

A social media platform like Instagram plays a major part in our lives. From shaping our aesthetics, making us laugh over comedy content, giving major travel goals, a platform for all the artists to express and showcase their art and so much more. Along with all this that categorizes as the positive side of the social media platforms; there come negative points as well. Scams are a major part of the negative side of Instagram. There are various forms of Instagram scams that happen in today’s time. Some of them are:

Fake investment opportunities

This type of Instagram scam is very common. You might find someone messaging you directly stating that they have a scheme that will get you profitable returns in return for a very small investment. Now they may also use words like cryptocurrency and bitcoin in these messages. To make it more convincing they may also attach snip images of random people who have made a lot of money through this scheme recently. As soon as you send them the payment, the account will block you and vanish in thin air afterward. You can steer clear of such scams by simply not responding to those messages.

Fake Giveaways

While many of the giveaways that are being conducted on Instagram are legit and authentic, there are many fake giveaways as well which are a type of Instagram scams. In this, the cybercriminal or the online scammer’s sole objective is to steal your money in the form of investment for the prize or taking your personal information. This not only poses a threat to the person themselves but also makes it risky for their followers, friends, and family. Such fake giveaways would ask you to tag more and more people to get closer to the chance of winning the prize. You must never fall for these silly traps and always check for the terms and conditions before participating in such kinds of giveaways. One should also be aware and check if the account which is conducting the giveaway is legit and not a fake the same as some famous brand.

Fake Invitations to collaborate with brands

Fake invitations are one of the most dangerous yet common Instagram scam that exists. It is dangerous because it is a serious attack on the victim’s money. Online scammers or cybercriminals may offer to hire the victim or offer them a photo-shoot in another country. They would then ask the victim to fly out to some gorgeous location and promise to reimburse all the expenses. However, they do not. The poor victims believe all these lies and go to the location only to return with disappointment and no money in hand. In cases like this, we would recommend you to pay special attention to every detail. Do not just go for it because the offer sounded good. Listen to everything they say and spot the red flags before.  In conclusion, these Instagram scams may be deadly and cause you the loss of money as well as personal details.  We recommend you never share any of your details with a stranger over the internet.     

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