Instant Funds Recovery Review

Funds recovery firms work online for providing their services. These firms help the people in recovering the money that they lost to fraud brokers. The scams done by online fraud brokers has increased substantially. Just like these online fraud brokers, there are scammers too in recovery firms. Therefore, it is necessary to know the details of the firm and here we will be reviewing the firm

About Instantfundsrecovery: is a US based asset recovery firm. The firm provides the services of recovering money of the victims lost in online scams. There are no details mentioned about the owner of the recovery firm. However, the firm has mentioned that they are not licensed by the court to provide counsel and services of asset claims. Instead the work closely with attorneys that have been licensed by the court to do so. They are not licensed to provide their services; this fact reduces the level of reliability on the firm to a low. The site seems to be a copy of The firm is suspected as a scam firm. The site along with reliability also lacks transparency as it has very limited information.

More facts about Instantfundsrecovery:

Due to the suspicion created because is not licensed and have not provided any ownership information, we did some research. On searching about we found that the site is quite new, although it claims to have more than 200 clients. On, the site has been reported as a scam. One of the reviews on Signal-arnaques reads “The telephone number provided by doesn’t work and the email received from the firm was full of grammatical errors. They even sent a fake police report regarding the fraud claim by the client and after taking $2300 bitcoins as the fee they immediately asked for an additional fee”. Scamadviser too doesn’t have a good score for Some negatives of the site which are highlighted by the Scamadviser are,

  1. The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity.
  2. There is no feedback or review about the firm on the Web of Trust.
  3. The website is pretty new.
  4. The setup of the website involves 4 countries.

Whois record of Instant funds recovery:

According to the, the record says is Created on 2019-09-25 Expires on 2020-09-25 Updated on 2019-11-24

Is Instantfundsreovery a scam or legit firm?

According to the details and research, the firm seems very suspicious. Even it has no license to provide its services, that means there would be much risk in getting in business with this firm.

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