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The onset of the pandemic has marked an increased resurfacing of scam websites that promise you a lot of money in return for almost zero efforts. As per the cyber-crime officials, online scams are nothing new but it has seen a sudden increase after the coronavirus. This may be because of a lot of causes which includes people being to their houses. We strongly recommend our readers not to fall for these scams and be aware. ItVideon is one of the said websites that claim that people can earn money through their website.

About ItVideon:

ItVideon promotes their website by saying that people can earn as much as 2700 dollars every month in return for watching some promotional videos. Besides lacking authenticity and uniqueness, the company website is filled with grammatical errors. This is not usually a good sign as companies are very conscious about their appearance. They would not let the petty grammatical errors degrade their reputation. Therefore, the grammatical errors on their website take us a step forward to the fact that ItVideon is a possible scam.
The company claims to offer 50 cents for a minute-long video. The readers must note that if you see the websites publicizing easy money with no or almost nil work, it is most probably a scam. Most people do not realize this and continue working for the money. When after many months, they do not get the money, that’s when they realize that they have been scammed. ItVideon goes on a similar track by asking people to watch one minute long videos for an hour. The website has a count on the videos you have watched and will update you on how much you have earned. However, not a cent from this money will be received by you when you file for a withdrawal.

The major red flag about this website is that it doesn’t reveal any information about the company including the owner or the founder’s name. Online scammers usually adopt this strategy to avoid getting caught or sued by the court. This way, even if a customer decides to file a complaint, they would not have a name or anything at all with them hence making the online scammer safe. ItVideon also runs the referral scheme where they ask the customers to refer the site to their friends in order to earn a commission. What the readers must note is that when a normal company offers a service, they will provide you with a free service in return for this referral scheme but that is not possible for a company like ItVideon. This is because ItVideon does not have a service to offer. This is just a blatant lie that the company is creating to fool innocent customers.

Is ItVideon a scam or legit?

The payment proof that is given on the website is a fraud. The numbers and the information shown on the website are copied from other sites. Another red flag that can be identified very clearly is that the company does not verify the email id of their customers. In conclusion, ItVideon is a potential scam and, we do not encourage our readers to trust them or invest your valuable time with them.

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