My Refunds Review

Recovering funds is what a recovery firm does in order to help victims of scam done by the fraud brokers. is one of those recovery firms and claims to fight and get the money back of its clients. But, many of these kinds of recovery firms are involved in scams which means not all the firms that are in the market are genuine.

About Myrefunds: is a recovery firm that is headquartered in San Antonio. The firm claims to be expertise in Intelligence gathering, risk management, Elite customer support and service, crisis management, claim assessment, and future investment planning. This shows that it is not a mere recovery firm and also provides financial services. The firm however doesn’t specify which areas of fund recovery it covers, which is making things confusing. Even in its about us section, the Myrefunds has clearly said that it offers the same level of experience and expertise as one would expect to find at a large city law firm, which indicates that the firm has no license and it hasn’t provided any details of the same on the website. Read the full Myrefunds review here.

More facts about Myrefunds: claims to have experience of 10 years in recovering funds services as it mentioned this on its website’s homepage but according to the whois records, it is just 203 days old. So, why does providing false information? Something might not be good with the firm. Moreover, some people have bad reviews about on Trustpilot. A client of the firm said he has signed with then about three years ago and didn’t do even a single thing. They just “sold” his contract to another company and he got nothing. It doesn’t worth doing anything with them. There were even more such reviews about the firm on Trustpilot.

Whois record of myrefunds

According to, the records say that is Created on 2019-11-15 Expires on 2020-11-15 Updated on 2020-01-14

Is myrefunds a scam or legit firm?

According to the details that have been found about which involves many suspicious things like its false claim of having experience of 10 years, not providing any information in its about us section and those negative comments by its clients, we would suggest and advise people to consider these details and review before signing in with this firm. As your money should go in safe hands you should choose the firm wisely.

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